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Restaurant serves cheap meals made with expired foods

The Daily Table is a grocery store and restaurant which puts all of its food to use — whether it’s past its sell by date or not.

LED lightbulb doubles as a flashlight in emergencies

The Bulb Flashlight charges itself while in use to provide three hours of emergency light, and can even be disconnected and used as a torch.

In the wake of Fukushima, radiation-proof underwear

Osaka-based Yamamoto Corporation has created an underwear and swimsuit set that is made of fabric that can block out the harmful effects of radiation.

This app will get you pregnant, or your money back

Backed by big data and the business nous of PayPal co-founder Max Levchin, Glow is an app that could truly increase the chances of pregnancy, and its creators are confident enough that they will pay for infertility treatment if it doesn’t.

‘Ghost’ road barrier tricks drivers into stopping

Laservision’s Softstop is a projection that aims to stop drivers from ignoring stop signs by giving the illusion of a physical barrier across the road.

Crowdsourcing the sounds of cities’ quiet spots

Stereopublic is a new project that hopes to map the quiet areas of urban environments, recruiting citizens to collect the sounds of those spaces.

Moving desk encourages office exercise

The Stir Kinetic Desk automatically rises and falls to force workers to regularly stand up and stretch their muscles.

Simple restaurant reviews, without the reviews

myfab5 replaces reviews with a ranking system that gets users to choose their favorite 5 restaurants in each category and location.

Uncharted Play

We caught up with Jessica O. Matthews, Co-founder and CEO of Uncharted Play, who spoke to us about the difficulties of succeeding with a socially beneficial product in the often dog-eat-dog world of business.