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Supermarket for poor families offers surplus branded goods at cut prices

Community Shop is a supermarket that sells discounted branded products that don’t meet high street chain standards only to families receiving government welfare.

Café charges customers more if they’re rude

La Petite Syrah Café in France has introduced a tiered payment system that leaves impolite customers paying more for their coffee than those who treat staff with respect.

Smartphone-controlled lifter will keep garages tidy

Currently seeking funding on Kickstarter, myLIFTER is a smart variation of the garage pulley system that is raised and lowered through the user’s mobile device.

3D-printing medical supplies on-demand in Haiti

iLab Haiti uses 3D printing to create on-demand resources for healthcare providers and community projects in a country still recovering from the 2010 earthquake.

Wearable tech helps athletes perfect their swing

The Zepp range of sensors is helping golf, baseball and tennis players to improve their swing with real-time feedback on their performance.

Early health diagnoses from a single baby cry

Brown University scientists have developed a baby crying analysis system that can help diagnose illnesses from the acoustic quality of the cry alone.

Acoustic bathtub lets users feel music

German company Kaldewei has developed the SOUND WAVE bathtub system, which connects to music sources to act as a large speaker, soothing users with the vibrations.

Wise Words with Jenna Anians

We caught up with the President and co-founder of the innovation-embracing startup Tribesports to find out how she helped build a business that is challenging even the most established sports brands.