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App rates cold calls by how annoying they’re likely to be

The PrivacyStar app has introduced an alert system which lets users know the likelihood an unknown number will be a blacklisted company or scammer.

Community boxes let city residents share anything

Boîtes d’Échange Entre Voisins — or Neighborhood Exchange Boxes — is a network of brightly-decorated repositories where residents can leave unwanted goods they’d like to give to the community.

Springwise Updates

Innovations and updates from businesses previously featured on Springwise.

Macaw could be the Photoshop of web design

Aiming to make web design as easy as using an image editor, Macaw creates workable code that matches the standards of human developers.

Bottle turns water into germ-killing ozone

Eco3Spray is a new handheld device that creates ozone out of regular tap water, helping to fight bacterium such as E. coli and salmonella.