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Café for cats set to open in London

Opening this weekend, Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium is not only open to cat-lovers, but even has its own resident felines to entertain guests.

Project turns URLs into book synopses to promote reading

Turning URL shortening on its head, URLITERATURE is a service that lengthens any web address with text from popular books.

City Hall To Go

We caught up with Danielle Valle Fitzgerald, Director of the City of Boston’s mobile city hall project, to find out how the service is making a difference for residents in every neighborhood of the city.

Eco bottle caps double as Lego blocks

Brazil’s Clever Caps has redesigned bottle tops to give them extra use as Lego-style bricks after they’ve finished their life as a lid.

Smart bag can stop shopaholics from overspending

iBag automatically locks owners out if it detects they’re about to splash the cash.

Bike light deters dangerous activity behind cyclists

Currently seeking funding on Kickstarter, Fly6 is a rear bike light with an embedded HD camera that warns drivers that they’re being filmed.

Multi-use city square built to collect floodwater

Rotterdam’s Watersquare Benthemplein is a public space featuring a sports pitch, theater and greenery that automatically becomes a reservoir for excess water during heavy rain.

Widget turns any car into a smart vehicle

Currently seeking funding through Kickstarter, OBDLink MX WiFi is a small device that enables drivers to use a variety of maintenance tools and dashboard displays through their smartphone.

Superfruit drinks for fliers tackle jetlag and DVT

Netherlands-based FlyFit has now introduced a range of drinks that help airline passengers counter the effects of flying.