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Suit features integrated wearable payment

Heritage Bank’s Power Suit is a piece of wearable tech that enables owners to pay with a swipe of their sleeve.

Smartwatch for seniors tracks their daily routines

CarePredict has created a smartwatch-like device that tracks the daily activities of seniors and alerts loved ones if something’s not right.

Chrome add-on lets users annotate the web

Factlink enables anyone to add a comment or reference to any piece of text on the web.

Home washing machine is pay-per-use

Netherlands-based Bundles is offering members a free washing machine, charging them only for what they wash each month.

TRAINR turns smartwatches into a personal fitness trainer

TRAINR is a smartwatch platform that turns the devices into fitness trackers that can detect the type of exercise being performed, as well as offering suggestions for improvement.

Crate on wheels can clip and lock seamlessly onto bikes

Currently seeking funding on Kickstarter, the Netherlands’ Fietsklik is a detachable adapter that helps cyclists securely clip even large crates to their bike.