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Sports pitch turns into a giant solar panel when not in use

The Netherlands’ Cablean Sportveld is a multi-surface field that can be turned into a sports pitch, an advertisement, or a solar farm at the push of a button.

DIY shoes can be assembled and customized at home

Currently seeking funding on Kickstarter, PIKKPACK is a range of shoes that use just three pieces of material to enable anyone to assemble and customize them.

Skateboard is made of debris trawled from the sea

California’s Bureo Skateboards is working with the Chilean government to create Minnow, a skateboard whose deck is made entirely from abandoned fishing nets from the country’s coastline.

Hyper-customizable men’s shirts offer over a billion options

Original Stitch is enabling customers to truly personalize shirts with their choice of fabric, color, pattern and design, providing over a billion possible permutations.

Sensor can tell if food is safe to eat

Lithuania-based startup Peres is looking to crowdfund a new system that checks if food is still healthy to eat using a portable sensor and smartphone.

Zagga aims to be Netflix for the blind

Currently seeking funding on Indiegogo, Zagga is a video-on-demand service that caters for blind and partially sighted customers with built-in audio description.

Billboard purifies the air with the power of 1,200 trees

The University of Engineering and Technology in Peru has created an air purifying billboard that delivers pollution-free air to the surrounding area.