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This machine is a portable coffee maker and flask in one

Hey Joe Coffee is a portable coffee machine that can make a fresh cup anywhere at the push of a button, and doubles as a flask to drink it from.

App helps users find fruit and veg nearby that’s just turned ripe

Australia’s RipeNearMe is enabling local growers to share their excess fruit and vegetables, notifying neighbors of the best time to pick up the produce in its prime.

US gift packages offer a taste of recipients’ home state

Catering to students and others who have relocated, PiecesofThere provides local product gift boxes for each of the 50 states of the US.

Nokia develops world’s first smartphone-charging trousers

The Finland-based company has teamed up with British fashion designer A. Sauvage to create wireless charging trousers that can power its Lumia devices on the go.

Accessory turns any wristwatch into a smart one

Currently seeking funding on Kickstarter, Glance is an accessory that simply slips inside the strap of any existing watch to give it smart functionality.