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Smart tag for bras can detect heart attacks

Currently seeking funding on Indiegogo, LifeTip is a tag that can be attached to bras in order to detect heart attacks and immediately alert emergency services.

Real Detroit graffiti transformed into high end jewelry

Rebel Nell is turning pieces of graffitied wall from the city — considered an eyesore by some — into luxury jewelry pieces, while also helping disadvantaged women.

In Australia, opera is designed for kids with autism

Victorian Opera in Melbourne has piloted a series of performances that cater for the needs of young kids with autism.

In Manchester, gym workouts for indie music fans

The Fit Sessions in the UK is hoping to entice alternative music fans — not typically the most sporty types — to keep fit by bouncing along to the indie genre’s more upbeat tracks.

Jibo is a social robot for the home

Jibo is a friendly robot that uses facial recognition and natural language processing to offer personal assistance in the home, and perhaps become a new member of the family.