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In an emergency, apps locate nearby first aiders

Two apps — GoodSAM and PulsePoint — are enabling those with life-saving skills to receive alerts when an emergency happens close by.

Through app, kids ask questions about politics via text

Looking to engage young people with politics, Ask Amy is an app that uses artificial intelligence to provide kids with answers to their questions about the subject.

App offers 1:1 daily diet advice

Rise wants to help users reach their dieting goals by connecting them with a remote personal coach, who checks up on them daily.

Platform translates sign language into speech in real time

The UAE’s Hands Can Talk project has developed software using Microsoft Kinect technology that detects hand gestures and converts it into audible words for a non-deaf audience.

Create your own wearable tech with miniature chip

Mbientlab makes it simple to connect almost any product to a Smartphone through an innovative and powerful API and Bluetooth Low Energy technology.

Coffee wastewater generates precious energy for farmers

UTZ certified’s Coffee Wastewater project turns toxic wastewater into energy, tackling climate change and protecting water resources in the process.

Flexible travelers can rent cars for free

Transfercar is an online vehicle relocation service that reduces costs for rental companies while offering a free way for consumers to travel.

This ring lets blind people read non-Braille books

FingerReader provides visually impaired readers with a wearable ring that can scan written text and read it out loud.

Hotel restaurant’s pop-up store lets diners wear what they eat

Marlow Goods has launched a pop-up store at the Wythe Hotel in Brooklyn, which turns meat byproducts from the venue’s restaurant into leather clothes and bags for guests.