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App rewards those who don’t touch their phone while driving

Romania’s SafeDrive wants to encourage good behavior by using a gamified points system that offers discounts on products and services when drivers leave their phone alone.

Adjustable standing desk is made out of cardboard

Currently seeking funding through Kickstarter, Refold is a portable and sturdy standing desk made of cardboard that doesn’t break the bank and is good for the environment.

Ambulance Drone is a flying first aid kit that could save lives

The Ambulance Drone is an all-purpose medical toolkit that can be automatically flown to any emergency situation and used to guide citizens to make non-technical lifesaving procedures.

AI websites design themselves

The Grid is a site-building platform that intelligently analyzes content and structures it in a beautiful and easy-to-read layout.

Three key voluntary policies for women

How to help your female employees (and their male counterparts too) protect themselves and their families with three key voluntary policies.

Living packaging lets consumers pick fresh fruit at home

Nurture is food packaging that incorporates the living roots of fruit and vegetables to allow them to continue ripening until they’re ready to eat.

On-demand home decor, at a flat rate

Paintzen is a service that lets homeowners outsource decorating jobs by filling out a quick survey, without a surprising bill.

The first Bitcoin wallet for emerging markets

The Philippines’ is a mobile Bitcoin wallet that’s bringing the cryptocurrency to populations without secure banking.

Small device charges smartphones through daily activity

Currently seeking funding on Kickstarter, AMPY is a device that stores kinetic energy from walking, running and cycling, and uses it to charge devices.