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This beer makes you more creative

The Problem Solver beer claims to help drinkers reach their creative peak, so long as they don’t drink too much.

In South Africa, tobacco is set to fuel airplanes

Solaris is an energy-rich tobacco plant soon to be harvested by South African Airlines — looking to provide a new, greener, biofuel for their fleet.

Kangu is crowdfunding safe births for women in poverty

Kangu is a crowdfunding site that lets backers send their money to specific individuals who otherwise run the risk of dying during childbirth.

App lets diners rate their restaurant servers

An app called Grate is enabling diners to evaluate the serving quality of individual servers at the restaurants they visit.

Tiny kitchen on wheels aims to get kids cooking at school

The Charlie Cart Project has developed a mini, portable kitchen that’s equipped with all the equipment needed to teach children how to cook.

This vending machine will deny you snacks based on medical records

The Luce X2 Touch TV vending machine uses facial recognition and customers’ medical records to determine if they should be allowed to buy an unhealthy snack.