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Augmented reality game makes a haunted house of any home

Night Terrors is a smartphone app which creates an immersive augmented reality — complete with ghosts and psychopaths — in the user’s home.

Shopping channel app is QVC for millennials

MikMak is a shopping app for millennials, which showcases products in 30 second infomercial-style video clips.

Children’s book grows back into a tree

Tree Book Tree is a plantable book made from recycled materials and embedded with seeds, which grows back into a tree once read.

Game helps treat traumatized youngsters

Triangle of Life is a mobile app which enables young trauma patients to practice the life skills they have learnt in therapy.

Sweden’s dream home was built by data

The House of Clicks — Sweden’s collective dream home — was designed using big data from the property portal Hemnet.

In-flight meditation program helps nervous fliers

British Airways are offering in-flight meditation videos, in collaboration with the Mindfulness Institute, to help calm anxious fliers.