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Smart spoon remembers which flavors consumers enjoyed most

Hirsch and Mann have developed a smart spoon, which digitizes the mustard tasting experience to suggest recipes based on users’ preferences.

Free umbrella sharing scheme via automated kiosks

UmbraCity is an umbrella sharing service that lets UBC students borrow and return umbrellas for free, anytime from automated kiosks.

LED paint is cheaper and more energy efficient

Professor Zhibin Yu has developed a variation of the light-emitting diode, which could lead to greater uptake of the eco-friendly option.

Dutch pop-up restaurant only serves home cooked meals

Ijburg Serveert celebrated the district’s thriving culture of peer-to-peer sharing with a pop-up restaurant serving only home cooked food.

5 Must-Know Lessons From Design-Driven Brands

With some of the most innovative startups in the world being founded by designers, there’s plenty to be learnt from successful design-driven brands.

Interactive billboards stop London’s litterers

Environmental charity Hubbub are discouraging littering through a series of interactive, playful billboards and talking bins.

App keeps drunken users safe and sensible

The Drunk Mode app lets intoxicated users leave ‘Breadcrumbs’ via passive GPS, find drinking buddies and rides, and stops them from drunk dialing.

Hyper-absorbant bikini could help to clean the oceans

The Sponge Suit is an innovative, high-tech item of swimwear that could enable people to remove pollution from the oceans while they are swimming.

Eco-friendly sailboat is a co-working space at sea

Coboat enables inhabitants to live, sleep, work and network onboard the eco-friendly, wifi-enabled boat, all while sailing the seven seas.

The Innovation Culture Bulletin: Productivity

The Innovation Culture Bulletin is a series of articles designed to cultivate a culture of innovation in your office. This time we look at how eliminating distractions in the digital age and flexible workplaces can increase our productivity.