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Twitter users can donate followers for charity

#OneBigTweet will auction off a single, viral tweet — sent from many supporters’ account — to the highest corporate bidder, in order to raise money for charity.

Short story vending machines encourage reading

French publishing company Short Edition prints out receipt-like short stories to encourage commuters to kill time by reading.

An entirely crowdsourced song

CrowdSound taps into popular opinion by letting users vote on notes and lyrics to create an entirely crowdsourced song.

Top 10 Gaming Startups This Year

We’ve picked out our top ten Gaming articles from the last 12 months on Springwise, designed to provide you with plenty of fresh inspiration for the future

Home cell growing kit lets everyone try biotech

Amino Labs’ desktop bioengineering kit lets users culture living cells at home and explore the possibilities of synthetic biology.

Breathable facade cools eco-friendly office towers

Gensler Tower at PNC Plaza uses a passive ventilation system to control temperature, providing offices with fresh air and significantly reducing energy usage.

Indoor shelving unit grows 21 vegetables at once

Edn is an educational wall hanging that grows multiple vegetables at once and teaches users about the process via a companion app.

Online banking platform teaches schoolchildren about money

Banquer is an educational banking platform, which uses virtual currency to teach school kids about interest rates, tax, and other real-world financial situations.

Luxury jewelry subscription service

Taking the subscription model into the luxury market, Opulent Box is a USD 25,000 jewelry box subscription service.

A cat’s eye view tour of Hiroshima town

Hiroshima tourism board creates Cat Street View, which lets users traverse through unusual parts of Onomichi from a feline perspective.