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Water park is fully wheelchair accessible

Morgan’s Inspiration Island is a new ultra-accessible water park for children and adults in wheelchairs or with special needs.

Phone numbers direct offline marketing to online pages

Hitchly generates a unique phone number from URLs, so users can call or text to access direct online content.

Virtual reality mall could be the shopping center of the future

The Reality Theatre Mall is a virtual reality ecommerce platform, which uses fantasy and interactivity to redefine the retail experience.

Crowdsourced app for jellyfish warnings

JellyOh gathers geolocation data on jellyfish sightings and notifies users in nearby beaches.

Brainwave-reading helmet creates personal symphony

Experience Helmet reads brainwaves and plays matching binaural sounds that help induce a focused, meditative state.

Top 10 Education Startups This Year

From at-home genetic engineering to crowdsourcing child scientists, we present this year’s best innovative business ideas that encourage users to look up and learn.

Brazil’s rubbish collectors get their rides pimped

Pimp My Carroca is a scheme where artists in Sao Paulo celebrate recycling and rubbish collectors by customizing their carts.

The eye-scanning ATM is almost here

Citigroup and Diebold are developing card-less, screen-less ATMs that will enable users to withdraw money just by looking at it.

New York pop-up only sells crowdfunded products

As Seen on Kickstarter is a pop-up shop where customers can try out crowdfunded Apple product accessories, then order them online.

Small robots for less disruptive renovations

q-bot navigates underfloor spaces to provide mapping, repairs and insulations without major disruptions to homes.

The world’s first floating wind farm

Hywind pilot park, off the coast of Scotland, is the world’s first floating wind farm and will generate enough power for 20,000 homes.

Desktop hive farms edible insects

LIVIN farms have developed a countertop nest for cultivating edible mealworms that will feast on leftovers.

Personal microbe bank for healthy gut bacteria

OpenBiome freezes patients’ stools in a microbial biobank, and uses them to fight infections and restore good gut bacteria.

Graphene-coated fabric detects noxious gas

Researchers at Konkuk University develop a washable fabric that can sense toxic gases.