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Office surfboard for standing desks

The Wurf Board is a springy platform that encourages movement and gentle exercise throughout the workday.

Rent-a-mom service for twentysomethings

New York millennials in need of some motherly care can now rent the services of Nina Keneally, who runs the business Need a Mom.

Prefab modules plug into aging Chinese villages

The Courtyard House Plugin system consists of modules that can be attached to existing structures without any destruction or special skills.

Smart thermostat for idling truckers

Idle Smart is a heating control system that uses a smart thermometer to automate the temperature in truck drivers’ cabins overnight.

Device disabling pouches urges audience to enjoy the show

Yondr are smartphone-locking pouches, which enable artists — including Dave Chappelle — and venues to create phone-free environments during performances.

Personalized TV streaming brings channel surfing back

Molotov is a TV platform with the look of a music streaming service, which aims to recreate the spontaneity of live television watching.

3D printed car could be infinitely recyclable

Local Motors is testing customizable motor vehicles, which contain 75 percent 3D printed, IoT-enabled carbon fiber parts.

Content removal service for victims of revenge porn

Leakserv is a Dutch startup dedicated to erasing non-consensual, explicit material from the web.

Innovation Culture Bulletin: Taking time

As we approach the holiday season, we look at the value of having proper time off, the pros and cons of Sweden’s 6-hour working day, and reexamine the idea of annual leave.

Wearable helps visually impaired users track their guide

Sunu’s wearable enables users to follow their guide or locate house keys via haptic feedback, and has an inbuilt sensory alarm clock.

Clothing rail shows social media likes

O2 Business has installed a digital clothing rail in Tyrers, which displays the popularity of items using real-time social media ‘likes’.

Landmark navigation app for urbanites

Walc uses landmarks such as local businesses, rather than compass points, to provide directions for urban explorers.

App creates individually curated experience for any museum

Muzeums is a mobile app that offers curated museum guides for each visitor, based on their profile, interests and learning style.