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Citymapper for skiers shows mountains in 3D

FATMAP is an 3D mapping app for skiers and snowboarders, which shows route recommendations and slope data such as gradient, difficulty and altitude.

Refugees serve up ethnic cuisine delivery service

Eat Offbeat allows people to order home-style ethnic meals prepared and delivered by refugees who have resettled in New York.

App for instant podcasting to Twitter followers

ZCast is an app that enables anyone to launch a live podcast via Twitter, with users able to listen in, chat, and join the conversation.

Refugee life jackets turned into warm mattresses

UNHCR volunteers on the Greek Island of Lesvos are using discarded life jackets to make well insulated mattresses for refugee camps.

In India, order a pizza truck on-demand

Delivery service Rocketchefs takes the kitchen to the customer using their app-ordered mobile food trucks.

Online micropayments support users’ favorite sites

Atri is a subscription service that spreads micropayments across web pages based on users’ interactivity with their favorite sites.

Top 10 Fin Tech Startups From The Last 12 Months

From tweeting money to the proliferation of Bitcoin, we look at the best innovative business ideas that are making finance more seamless in the New Economy.

Drone can airlift casualties from conflict zones

The AirMule drone can carry passengers and land in a variety of terrains, including forests and urban conflict zones.

Rapid international wages via Bitcoin

Bitwage provides software for individuals or employers to set up a Bitcoin payroll.

In Uruguay, clubs offer free entry to sober youngsters

An initiative in Uruguay will test young clubbers upon arrival and reward them with free entry if their alcohol level is at 0.0.

Biometrics tool measures audience response to The Revenant

Bioanalytics platform Lightwave enables film companies to monitor the emotions of audience members in the midst of their viewing experience.

In London, pay for specialty coffee with app

DripApp offers prepaid coffee plans at participating independent cafes so users save money and don’t need to carry their wallets.

Robotic arm for the consumer market

Carbon Robotics presents a modular robotic arm that has a hackable API, and can be trained for a wide range of uses.

In Nevada, a dedicated commercial droneport

Aerodrome is planning to launch the world’s first commercial drone airport in Boulder, Nevada.

Text service for tax returns

Tada allows users to text their information and documents to experts who will affordably calculate taxes and complete returns.

Cardboard standing desk is only USD 25

Oristand is a lightweight, flexible standing desk alternative made from recycled cardboard that costs only USD 25.