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Conflict zone VR game teaches peacekeeping skills

Gaming for Peace is an online role-playing game for police and military personnel that helps them learn peacekeeping skills.

Jewelry range for adults soothes teething babies

Wear Tough is a range of organic silicone teething necklaces, that are pretty enough to wear but safe and satisfying for babies to chew on.

Top 10 New Fashion and Beauty Startups

Fashion Week is in full swing, so we have gathered the best business ideas in the industry to give front-row entrepreneurs plenty of inspiration.

Startup does all the work for crowdfunders

Backerkit offers a number of services including fulfilling shipments, collecting customer data and surveying backers.

Smart suitcase uses e-tag to speed up bag drop

Rimowa’s Electronic Tag displays digital travel data on luggages, enabling faster check-ins and bag drops at airports.

Double strength coffee keeps coders awake

Programmers can get a discount on this high-caffeine coffee blend by completing a coding challenge.