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Fitbit for kayakers is a personal coach

Motionize is an app that uses wearable sensors to track kayakers’ performance and provide personalized coaching tips in real-time.

Shopping app finds products from TV and online video

Ever enables users to purchase products they see on video or television using a smartphone app that finds the product for them.

Rubbery coating prevents machines from freezing over

Researchers have developed an ice-repellent spray, that could be applied to airplanes and other machinery to stop them from freezing over.

Name-your-price hotel rooms

FindBed enables customers to book a hotel room at a rate of their choice.

The healthiest pizza delivery service ever

Customers of Sodo in London can order their pizza for on-foot delivery, and feel the guilt as they track their runner’s progress using Periscope.

Swedish town gets an unmanned convenience store

An entrepreneur in Sweden has opened the first app-enabled, staffless convenience store in the small town of Viken.