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Free co-working space in exchange for online content

Berlin’s Blogfabrik is a co-working space and publication where freelancers can work rent-free in exchange for monthly content contributions.

Organic tampon delivery for the most stress-free period

Cora’s environmentally-friendly tampons come in silent wrappers, are 100 percent organic, and support a social cause.

3D printed shin guards made like Samurai armor

Zweikampf is a 3D printed shin guard that uses a Y structure to reduce damage from sports collisions.

Parental leave for frequent flyers

Qantas’ Status Hold initiative enables frequent flyers to keep their status over a 18 month period after having a child.

Tool enables anyone to easily make their own bot

Meya has just launched a bot platform, which enables anyone to design and integrate a bot into any messaging app.

System quantifies citizen behavior for better urban planning

Placemeter uses sensors, video and an algorithm, to collect behavioral data that can help businesses and city planners optimize space.

In Japan, tourists to pay with their fingerprints

In the lead up to the 2020 Olympics, Japan is implementing a fingerprint registration, identification and payment system for visitors

Delivery drone network charged by home solar panels

Mobisol’s Solar Air Distribution network will add drone recharging stations to the roofs of homes in rural Africa, creating a delivery infrastructure for its customers.

Site helps viewers source set pieces from Mad Men

Seen on Set is an online platform, where viewers can browse and purchase furniture, tech, homeware and decorations they have seen on film and TV.

Connected business class seat remembers flight preferences

Teague’s business class seats feature wireless charging pads and other luxury customizations that passengers can control with an app.

Music platform helps musicians get their royalties

SoundExchange is a platform that collects and distributes royalties from online music streaming.

Travel app shows where Williamsburg is in any city

Where is Williamsburg? is a free app that joyfully mocks self-centred New Yorkers while providing a genuinely useful travel tool.