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Flexible paywall can make different offers to different readers

Composer is a variable paywall system that enables publishing platforms to adapt their business model whenever they want, without any coding.

Vibrating cap tells blind swimmers when to turn

The Blind Cap is a high-tech bluetooth cap that vibrates when the swimmer approaches the edge of the pool, telling them to change direction.

App rewards shoppers for uploading receipts

InfoScout incentivizes users to upload shopping receipts, and lets businesses gain insight into consumer habits across a range of competitors.

Check lung capacity with any phone, anywhere

SpiroCall from the University of Washington enables anyone to analyze their respiratory health just by breathing into a phone.

Staycations for foodies support small farmers

By connecting growers with consumers, Farmcation boosts small businesses and builds community through meals, workshops and tours.

Top score unlocks bonus track for music fans

Artist Kaytranada promotes his debut album with an online game that unlocks a bonus track — if users get a top score.

Iconic phone boxes turned into on-the-go offices

NYC-based Bar Works Inc is expanding its co-working concept in the UK by turning old phone boxes into fully equipped private office pods.

Are you looking at me?

Why companies like to turn products into people.

Wearable glucose monitor for diabetics

In a life-changing advance for diabetics, Cardiff University researchers developed the first wearable, non-invasive blood sugar monitor.

Online shoppers get opinions from social media friends

Askourt integrates with e-commerce platforms, and lets shoppers ask for opinion of friends on social media without leaving the site.

Smartphone-carrying drone maps natural disasters

Using existing smartphone sensors, the customizable UAV Toolkit app gathers spatial data for mapping landscapes during crises.

Nursing monitor helps mothers breastfeed

Momsense is a smart breastfeeding meter that enables parents to see and hear how much milk their baby is getting in real-time.