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With VR, algae cubes can taste of anything

Project Nourished lets users experience an immersive, virtual eating experience, through simulated scent, visuals, taste and touch.

Monkey’s Tinder profile raises biodiversity awareness

The Body Shop has launched a conservation campaign via Tinder and the hashtag #helpreggiefindlove, to raise awareness of its commitment to endangered species.

App turns old phones into smart smoke detectors

Home surveillance experts CleverLoop are turning old Android phones into smart smoke detectors with the Smokey app.

Blockchain to power remote citizenship

Nasdaq’s Estonian stock market plans to use Blockchain to allow shareholders to vote remotely.

Crowdfunding campaign buys private beach for the public

In New Zealand, 40,000 public donations helped the government buy the NZD 2 million Awaroa Inlet, which will be turned into a national park.

Gamified trash disposal cleans up Dutch campus

Creative trashcans have been installed at Koning Willem I College to stop students from littering.

3D printing pen runs on plastic bottles

Renegade is a 3D printing pen that lets makers draw in midair, using plastic bottles and bags as filaments.

App matches people wanting to escape bad dates

The bod (Bad Online Date) app provides a real-time back-up plan for dates gone awry, geo-locating other potential matches who are close by.

Floating eco-farm uses cow manure to power production

In Rotterdam, a smart, waterfront Floating Farm is being built to shorten the dairy supply chain and relieve some of the conservation pressure for farmers.