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Smart golf shoes provide swing feedback

IOFIT gold shoes sync with smart device apps to provide golf swing feedback based on balance and stance, with sharable data that can be compared to pros.

AI travel bot manages bookings, analytics and expenses

30SecondsToFly’s smart travel manager oversees all the admin of corporate travel – booking flights, filing expenses and assisting employees in transit.

‘Vibrotactile’ wearable integrates haptics for everyday use

Somatic Labs’ Moment wearable features ‘vibrotactile’ haptic technology, with four resonators enabling unique vibration combinations for use in communication and navigation.

The Internet of Things meets firefighting

US innovation equips firefighters with real time information to help them respond to emergencies.

Easy upkeep, flexible concrete halves installation time

ConFlexPave, a strong, bendable concrete, has been developed and successfully tested by scientists at Singapore’s Nanyang Technological University.

New age food labeling is powered by Big Data

Sage offers a web app and nutrition labels that provide in-depth, intuitive information about packaged foods.

Car-straddling bus completes test drive in China

The Transit Elevated Bus straddles two lanes of traffic and runs on electricity, saving time, space and pollution.

Legal help for gender non-binary entrepreneurs

FEMPRENEUR XYZ is helping transgender and gender non-conforming entrepreneurs access the best support to grow their businesses.

Woodwork studio live-streams production to show transparency

Argentine designer Alejandro Sticotti and provide true transparency in production by live-streaming each item made in the workshop.

New ink lets printed photos produce energy

Finnish researchers printed photovoltaic ink onto a solar cell to create energy-producing photographs.

Insurance for drone flights

Verifly is a new fintech innovation enabling drone users to insure their flights against third party damage.

Phone call contest promotes quiet Swiss village

Creative agency Jung von Matt/Limmat promoted Swiss village Tschlin by offering a free trip to anyone whose call to the village telephone went unanswered.