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Alcohol won’t give you a hangover

Alcosynth mimics the pleasurable effects of alcohol on the brain without the hangover or long-term health problems.

Organic mushroom powder blocks bitterness, reduces sugar

MycoTechnology’s ClearTaste powder blocks most of the tongue’s bitter receptors, reducing the need to use sugar to mask unpleasant tastes.

Flat pack home for emergency shelter

Designed by Hakan Gürsu of Designnobis, this emergency shelter provides natural light and collects rainwater.

Sports index calculates elite players’ real-time brand value

Brandtix uses data on athletic performance and social media presence to calculate the brand value of sports players and provide an additional stream of revenue for both clubs and their players.

Autonomous boats provide temporary urban infrastructure

MIT research partnership investigates the potential of data-gathering floating structures that assemble and disassemble autonomously to transport goods and service urban inhabitants.

Late-night cafe provides workspace for night owls

Diligence Cafe in Manila opens late at night to provide a space for those who need to work round the clock.

Virtual reality game teaches emergency birth care

The award-winning LIFE game from an Oxford University team uses VR to teach healthcare professionals emergency medical care for newborns in distress.

Citizen-led, ethical tech platform for democratic change

D-CENT is a Europe-wide project providing citizens working for democratic change access to the latest ethical online engagement tools and systems.

App measures anemia with light, makes blood checks safer

An app by University of Washington researchers uses a smartphone’s built-in camera to measure the color of blood to check for different conditions.

Fitness wearable tracks hydration levels through skin

LVL wearable fitness tracker and app monitors user hydration levels by shining red light through the skin to measure blood water levels.

App gamifies safe street design, gets kids involved

Norway’s Traffic Agent app turns students into secret agents, reporting the good and the bad of Oslo’s streets as they go about their daily travels.

Virtual marketing advisor is a natural language AI

crystal, an AI virtual marketing advisor, provides web analysis and answers natural language questions to help businesses hone their digital branding.