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App teaches accountancy through games

Accounting Play’s latest release is the Tax Fight game, teaching users what is deductible and nondeductible through 10 levels of play.

Smart bin takes the stress out of recycling

Uzer’s Eugene is a smart recycling and trash bin that scans items to let users know which ones can be recycled and tracks consumption via an app.

DIY programmable drone

Airblock is a Chinese-based programmable robotics kit that allows kids to build their own flying drone.

Headphones help horses relax and focus

HorseCom bluetooth headphones sit over horses ears, enabling users to play calming music or communicate more clearly with their horses.

Retrofitting Sao Paulo payphones for real-time bus data

As part of the Red Bull Basement festival, Sao Paulo’s payphones were linked to a smart data system that provides real-time bus arrival information.

Digital librarian organizes online bookmarks

Stash uses artificial intelligence to categorize web pages, making it easy to save things for later and share bookmarks between devices and people.

Synthetic cream mimics suppleness of youthful skin

Researchers from Living Proof and MIT have developed synthetic polymers that recreate the elasticity of youthful skin, forming invisible, water resistant layers upon cream-like application.

Finding a job in France via emoticons

For 24 hours in September 2016, La Banque Postale sent a list of opportunities to jobseekers who tweeted three emoticons describing their job search criteria.

Bike lock gases potential thieves

When cut, San Francisco startup SkunkLock’s bike lock releases noxious gases strong enough to make a would-be thief vomit.

Limited edition beers brewed for whisky drinkers

Scottish distillers Highland Park partner with New York’s Sixpoint Brewery to create two beers designed to complement a single malt whisky.

Webcam mortgage advice for deaf bank customers

A Netherlands bank recently created this for its webcam advice services, beginning with mortgage information.

Swedish pharmacy prescribes VR pain relief app

Apotek Hjärtat is using Happy Place, a series of virtual reality outdoor scenes, as a supplement to traditional pharmaceutical pain relief treatments.

Free-standing smart home: portable and eco-friendly

Estonian design company Kodasema’s square KODA home is assembled in seven hours and includes LED lights, solar panels and smart fixtures.

Ethical outdoor company gives creative control to sewers

Each Cotopaxi Luzon Del Dia backpack is unique, made from fabric scraps chosen by employees, who have creative control over the color of the final product.

Jordanian app connects parliamentarians with voters

Rawa partnered with Email Solutions to build the NowabnaJo app, allowing voters to directly contact parliamentary candidates with policy questions.