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Software uses big data to predict court decisions

Predictice is an app that provides lawyers with statistics and data on the likely outcome of commercial and social disputes, based on the history of the courts.

Smog vacuum cleaner turns pollution into jewelry

Rotterdam-based Studio Roosegaarde created a giant smog vacuum cleaner that creates bubbles of clean air and then turns the collected pollution into jewelry.

Connected sign and bench provide local news

Boston is furthering its credentials as an eco and visitor friendly city with the Soofa sign and bench. Both are solar powered, and provide e-ink information.

AI analyzes medical scans for in-depth results

Tel Aviv-based digital healthcare start-up Zebra has developed multiple algorithms, to detect common conditions through AI analysis of medical scans.

Thermoelectric paint creates sustainable electricity

The thermoelectric paint, developed by a group of South Korean scientists, converts heat into electricity much more efficiently than current materials.

Mini home robot turns switches on and off

Developed by the Wonder Tech Lab in California, the Switch Bot is a small, wirelessly controlled robot that turns devices and switches on and off.

The right podcast for every journey

Pendelpoddar is a free service that recommends podcasts based on users’ commute times in Sweden.

Smart glasses with designer looks

Vue smart glasses offer a designer look plus connectivity, using taps to control smart phones and featuring bone conducting audio for safe listening during music playback and phone calls.

Airbnb of film locations

GETset is an online platform that allows those scouting film locations on a budget to source and rent them from the general public.

Solar energy for serial renters

Arcadia Power has created a service that allows those typically barred from installing solar panels to invest in green energy.

App customizes training for sales teams

App-based communications experts Multi Media Plus released Incite, a mobile training app for sales teams that provides custom videos and reports.

Wikipedia for physical objects

Moscow-based startup is creating a digital database for objects with high quality images and descriptions.

Adult teether

EZ Teether is an adult teething device designed to ease the pain of wisdom teeth.

New extensions identify fake Facebook news

A Princeton hackathon team built fIB and Daniel Sieradski created the B.S. Detector, both of which label Facebook news feed sources according to credibility.

Transport data drives restaurant guide listings

Uber analyzed a year’s worth of trip data from 12 US cities to compile a list of top destinations, including brunch, local favorites and date nights.

Smallest selfie drone yet

AirSelfie is a small, flying drone that fits into a phone case and can stay airborne for up to 3 minutes at a time.

Wastewater turned into furniture

Designer Nienke Hoogvliet has partnered with the Dutch Water Authorities to produce a range of homeware that celebrates the use of wastewater.

Home insurance that donates to charity

Lemonade is a peer-to-peer insurance provider that donates unclaimed money to charities chosen by its members.

Beauty classes help prepare women for job interviews

French beauty brand Sephora launched Classes for Confidence in 85 stores across the United States, to help women re-entering the workforce.

Clothing company donates to and employs homeless people

Texas-based Mitscoots Outfitters employs transitioning homeless people to package products for shipping and for every item sold, donates one of the same.