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Edible, biodegradable bags help replace plastic waste

India’s EnviGreen company created a process for producing ‘plastic’ bags made from edible, organic food products that can biodegrade in less than a day.

Montreal monitoring city traffic via drivers’ Bluetooth

Traffic management company Orange Traffic provided more than 100 sensors used near major thoroughfares to gather data on volume and speed of vehicles.

Architects propose moving city traffic underground

London’s PLP Architecture firm unveiled its plan for a city CarTube system that would move traffic off the streets and below the ground.

Campaign tracks women’s safety in Melbourne on map

Created by Plan International and Crowdspot, the Free To Be project asked women to map the city locations where they feel safe or unsafe.

3D printed organ replicas help surgeons train

French startup Biomodex produces realistic, patient-specific organ replicas that allow surgeons to practice tricky procedures and try different surgical options.

New shopping baskets for just browsing or help wanted

South Korean beauty brand Innisfree introduced color-coded shopping baskets for customers to indicate whether or not they want to speak to a salesperson.

Language learning app reads comics to users

LingoZING, a language learning app, provides a comic book library of titles in various languages, with users able to test their pronunciation through listening and recording.

Design-your-own luxury, custom pop-up hotels

Bespoke travel experts Black Tomato introduce their latest service, Blink, for accommodation, location, amenities and adventures unique to each trip.

Hands-free internet browsing is here

Speech Central is an app that uses text to speech technology to allow users to use the internet and read online, handsfree.

Adding emotional intelligence to AI

Emotibot combines deep-learning AI, image and text-based recognition software to offer an open-source API for more emotionally aware chatbots.

“Siri” of online medical search engines

Kang Health is an Israel-based startup that is using AI combined with patient information to offer more accurate online diagnoses.

App streams PC VR games to mobile headset

Development company created the VRidge software and app to stream virtual reality games from a computer to a smartphone.