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Pattern cutting library opens in Sao Paolo

In Brazil, a free, open source pattern cutting library is encouraging people to reflect more on the garments they wear.

Dubai introduces electric passenger drone taxi service

China’s intelligent aerial vehicle company Ehang is providing Dubai’s Roads and Transportation Agency with passenger drones for an electric taxi service.

French retirees build ecological cooperative housing

A newly retired group of citizens in Lyon joined together to create the Chamarel retirement cooperative to provide sustainable, affordable living space.

Ink-free rewritable paper can be used 80 times

A process developed by researchers in China and California uses UV light to print on reusable, specially coated paper, helping to drastically reduce waste.

Linked phones encrypt sex tapes, require consent to view

New Zealand startup Rumuki created an iOS app that lets users encrypt on-phone videos for secure viewing and storage.

UK supermarket debuts delivery trucks fueled by food waste

Waitrose, in partnership with CNG Fuels and Scania, have introduced 10 trucks that run on biomethane, which produces 70 percent less pollution than diesel.

Device creates smart home remote controls out of thin air

Hayo creates a 3D scan of connected homes, enabling users to turn surfaces or zones into remote controls for connected devices.

Solar-powered mobile bank available for Nigerians

Nigeria’s Wema Bank Plc recently introduced its Wema Bank on Wheels to provide regular branch and ATM services to customers anywhere in the country.

Fitness wearable automatically measures calorie intake

GoBe2 wearable automatically measures calorie intake by detecting cell glucose levels, enabling users to visualise how their body processes their diet without having to upload calories themselves.