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First self-driving bicycle from the Netherlands

Add / Remove We have seen new technologies developing around the world to make city transport more sustainable, from an electric scooter that can be unlocked by an app to a driverless 3D printed bus that gathers data via sensors for continuous adjustment of the route. This spring, Google Netherlands is introducing the first self-driving […]

Clothes organizer app suggests outfits based on weather

Outfits by Cladwell is an iOS app designed to make best use of the clothes already in a user’s closet by suggesting outfits and tracking wearing habits.

3D printing fights crime

In Hong Kong, police are adopting 3D printing to help inform witness statements and and courtroom proceedings.

With these AR smart glasses, you can go hands-free

Smart glasses connect to smart devices via bluetooth, with notifications such as text messages or directions pushed unobtrusively to the user’s lenses.

Connected bereavement keepsake gathers memories

Fragment brings together different aspects of a person’s life through photos, memories and other media for an online social tribute and connected keepsake.

Discarded flip flops turned into gifts and works of art

Kenya’s Ocean Sole flip flop recycling company turns potential marine pollution into employment opportunities for artisans who create gifts and sculptures.

Ancient irrigation technique waters plants for a month

Egyptian company Clayola’s tiny handmade clay pots use gravity to water plants for up to a month and can be connected to create a larger irrigation system.

China 2.0: From imitation to innovation

China’s start-up scene is buzzing, with coastal cities gearing up to rival Silicon Valley. Long considered a nation of imitators rather than innovators, perceptions of the country are shifting, with investors flocking to fund innovative new Chinese tech companies.