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Community-based app gets Londoners walking

Free to download Go Jauntly is a community-driven walking app that’s been designed to get more Londoners walking and embracing mother nature.

New sloth-like robot to help farmers monitor crops

Developed by the Georgia institute of Technology, Tarzan the Robot will hang from high wires and make crop monitoring a lot less laboursome.

Collectible watch helps wearers to live in the moment

Hong Kong’s Anicorn Watches has recently smashed another Kickstarter campaign, this time to launch its Trio of Time project.

Embedded nano-sensors create smart bandages

Swansea University’s Institute of Life Science department is developing 3D printed bandages with nano-sensors for real-time, around-the-clock health reporting.

New cycling system helps riders beat red lights

Dutch city of Utrecht is pioneering a new system called Flo, which detects cyclists’ speeds and advises on whether to speed up or slow down to make the green lights.

Foldable and portable, boat can sail, kayak or run on solar

Montenegro-based HYPAR Smart Boat is a modular, portable, sustainable boat design that can be used in three ways, as well as carried as a backpack.

Consumer video reviews made easy

New retail app offers consumers big discounts in return for video reviews.

New credit card uses biometric fingerprinting to pay

Mastercard recently unveiled its biometric credit card that uses the owner’s fingerprint to authorize payments in place of a pin number.

Luxurious car hosts foodies touring Tokyo’s gourmet scene

All-Star Restaurant offers seven-course meals showcasing Tokyo’s varied food scene delivered via UberEATS to a luxurious Volvo, which acts as a moving restaurant.

Expedia takes a trip into Virtual Reality

The global travel giant has showcased its new VR service which lets customers take a virtual tour of hotel rooms before booking

Smart plant wall purifies indoor air

Finland-based Naava has developed a remotely-monitored smart wall of plants that constantly purifies indoor air, providing spaces with a fresh, clean supply.

New Chrome extension to block out online hate

Soothe web application allows users to filter out online content that they find either hateful or offensive.

Cemetery visits with an interactive twist

Interactive tombstone created by a Slovenian company lets you digitally connect with your deceased relatives and loved ones.