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Ultra minimalist mobile designed to be used less

The Light Phone can only be used for making calls, and has been designed to be the antidote to the feature-heavy smartphones of today.

Elevator rides to become visual adventures

Swedish firm Panoramia has developed a visual display system that turns boring lift rides in visually exciting journeys using screens and VR technology.

Ultrasound lets users whisper across distance

The University of Bristol’s Project Telepathy uses targeted ultrasound beams so users can talk quietly and privately to each other up to 30 metres apart.

New shoe range has interchangeable heels

A new range of women’s shoes transforms from heels to flats and back again in seconds.

Mobile app aims to curb drunken overspending

DrnkPay is set to help users rope themselves in when they’ve had too much to drink and bars them from using their cards and online banks.

EU police forces trialling AI detectives

VALCRI, an AI algorithm, processes criminal databases and other data sets, suggesting lines of inquiry to aid police, and may even be able to pre-empt crime.

App fills world with virtual statues of notable women

Helping tell a more complete story of history, crowdsourced app The Whole Story adds virtual statues of notable women to any location in the world.