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New high-tech wearable keeps cows cool

A Japan-based company has developed a shirt with moisture sensors that can prevent heat stress in dairy cows.

Modular outlet turns any home into a smart home

A new outlet with a suite of inserts uses existing wiring to turn any house into a custom smart home.

Smart hula hoop delivers a tech-driven workout

A Korean firm is set to bring hula hooping into the 21st century with a high-tech hoop that can deliver a much more varied and informed workout.

3D printing technology used to make recycled sunglasses

A Belgium start-up is making a range of unique designer sunglasses with the hope that it will be made from 100 percent recycled material.

ARX heralds the future of exercise gamification

New strap-on augmented reality system lets you play video games while you shed the pounds.

Bird Street offers a sustainable shopping experience in the UK

London makes a step forward in sustainable shopping, with the opening of the world’s first ‘smart street’, known as ‘Bird Street’.

Self-deployable building assembles itself

Architect-designed structure unfurls into a 690 square foot building in minutes, with no labor and no power.