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Rental car lets kids color the upholstery

American car rental company has developed a prototype vehicle in which every surface can be colored-in to keep kids busy.

Upgraded app unlocks hidden credit card benefits

An app has been created to help customers redeem credit card benefits easier and track their spending.

Robotic hand can read sign language

A team from the University of Antwerp have invented a robotic hand that can turn text into hand gestures.

Freeze-dried foam absorbs CO2

Scientists have developed a reusable foam that can absorb carbon dioxide, potentially helping in the fight against global warming.

New campaign lets Instagram users eat their posts

Food processing company has partnered with a Brazilian marketing firm to allow Instagram users to eat the food they are admiring in posts.

European supermarket chain sells food made with insects

The second largest supermarket chain in Switzerland is set to offer customers the alternative food after a change in laws early this year.

Winter garment offers rapid heating via integrated pads

Polar Seal has developed lightweight heating pads integrated within garments, controlled via buttons on the wrist, that heat up within 10 seconds.

Graduate creates apparel from plastic shopping bags

A graduate from Maryland Institute College of Art has come up with a collection made from upcycled plastic shopping bags.