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Theme park for Italian food opens in Bologna

This food theme park showcases Italian produce at every stage – from the field and stable to the farmer’s market, kitchen and trattoria.

Living chandelier improves air quality

A chandelier has been developed that mimics biological processes, absorbing carbon dioxide and ‘exhaling’ oxygen.

Robot snake can crawl through pipes

Engineers have developed a robotic snake that can conduct inspections in places where humans cannot fit.

Students use blockchain to prevent ticket counterfeiting

Two London students have developed a system to prevent ticket brokers from buying up and reselling event tickets at huge profits.

Old prison becomes new eco city neighborhood

Amsterdam’s Bijlmerbajes prison will be redeveloped into a car-free, mixed-use district that focuses on community, recycling and reuse.

Smartphone game helps bereaved young people cope with death

Game based on enchanting island has been designed to help families grieve and develop emotional resilience.

Building bridges for tech-government cooperation

The Seasteading Institute and French Polynesia have developed an innovative co-operation agreement that may signal a way to bridge the divide between tech and regulatory bodies.

VR headset add-on creates scents for wearers

A scent-creating device is thought to be the smallest of its kind and compatible with existing VR headsets.

Cooling panels for buildings send heat into space

US scientists developed an optical surface that allows a natural cooling process to reduce reliance on air-conditioning systems.