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Restroom shops offer always-clean facilities

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Almost all of us will have been faced with the challenge of finding clean restrooms. That’s why we’ve seen the emergence of mobile loo locators, and it’s also why a major brand such as Visa chose that particular perk to bestow upon its customers. The latest spotting? Dutch 2theloo, a chain of “always clean” restroom shops in city centers, shopping centers, and train and gas stations. Just last week, 2theloo launched its first restroom shop in Amsterdam, and it’s already making expansion plans. Focused entirely on the restroom experience, it aims to offer not only clean, eco-minded toilets — including handicapped-accessible options and varieties targeted at families — but also shops with toiletry-related products and “sometimes even a coffee corner,” it says. The company explains: “2theloo strives to provide you with the best service and a pleasant, clean restroom experience. In addition, we’ll surprise you with special restroom designs by artists, illustrators, and sculptors.” Price per visit is EUR 0.50, in exchange for which patrons also receive a coupon for EUR 0.50 toward any purchase in the accompanying shop. Brand sponsorships, meanwhile, offer a mix of product placement and marketing opportunities; SCA and Villeroy & Boch are both among the brands already participating. Following the launch of its Amsterdam shop, 2theloo is already working on four additional locations in the Netherlands, Belgium and Poland. Ultimately, it aims to open more in shopping districts, shopping centers and train and gas stations all over Europe. There’s no greater leveler than the common desire for clean facilities; time to upgrade what’s on hand for consumers in other parts of the world? (Related: Pop-up public urinal serves late-night revelersToilet seat covers, upgraded.) Spotted by: Sheila Wigman



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