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3D printed popsicles

3D food platform delivers bespoke popsicles

Food & Drink

A revolutionary new California-based platform is using a simple 3D printing to make and deliver popsicles in any shape desired.

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Customization is one of the trends that has been shaping the food industry leading to the increase of various build-your-own operations in many businesses around the world, and now an online service is giving users the opportunity to design their own popsicles.

Pixsweet was founded by Finnish 3D printing expert Janne Kyttanen, whose company, Freedom of Creation, produces all kinds of exclusive 3D printed items, from jewellery to footwear to furniture.

The platform is easy to use, making use of 3D design software and printing technology without demanding any level of expertise from users. All they have to do is upload a photo onto the site, and it will be converted into an image that is ready to be printed into a mould for every customers’ perfect popsicle.

The application of 3D printing has spread across many industries as the cost of the printers has reduced in recent years. Here’s just a selection of new innovations we’ve already covered in this space: speciality glassware, plastic surgery, plastic homes, replica organs, just to name a few.

What other applications of such technology are yet to be discovered to help create more customized experiences?




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