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3D printed shin guards made like Samurai armor

Sport & Fitness

Zweikampf is a 3D printed shin guard that uses a Y structure to reduce damage from sports collisions.

We have seen new smart sports technology designed to keep competitors safe, such as a protective collar for high impact collisions. Now, an Austria sportswear startup is using 3D printing to develop state of the art shin guards.

Father-son startup Zweikampf are the brains behind the world’s first serially 3D printed shin guard. The guard uses a 3D printed shell and weighs just 75 grams. The company say the shin guard uses a Y structure, only made possible due to the introduction of effective 3D printing, and its structure replicates the kind of armor structure that have been used by Japanese Samurai for hundreds of years.

The startup claims that the Y pattern will allow the shin guard to redistribute shock across the surface of the guard, reducing the risk of injury. The shin guard has also been launched on Kickstarter, and the company is seeking EUR 50,000 in backing for the Zweikampf project.

3D printing is revolutionizing the industry of custom fit accessories, and we have seen the tech being used to produce glasses, shoes, insoles and ankle braces. What will be next?



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