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3D printed urns designed to look like the dead

Vermont-based Cremation Solutions is 3D printing urns that double as a lifelike bust of the deceased.

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Everyone grieves in different ways when a loved one dies, and — understandably — there’s no end to the various lengths that humans will go to memorialize those close to them. Here at Springwise we’ve seen our fair share of slightly morbid business ideas, including a service that lets friends and family speak to an AI version of the deceased over Skype. Upping the weird stakes, Vermont-based Cremation Solutions is now 3D printing urns that double as a lifelike bust of the deceased.

The company has already been providing customers with memorial products and services for the past few years — focusing on traditional metal or wooden urns, as well as pet urns, cremation paintings and fingerprint jewelry. Taking a step into the world of innovation, the service is now offering 3D printed Personal Urns, created using 3D technology and facial recognition software to transform a two-dimensional image into a 3D model. By handing over a couple of photographs of the deceased, customers can have their loved one’s head realistically recreated in plastic resin. As well as acting as a memorial sculpture, the hollow bust can also store their ashes. For those with long hair, wigs are an optional extra. The company also apparently creates urns in the shape of Indiana Jones, Superman and the 44th President of the United States Barack Obama.

Cremation Solutions has used 3D printing in an unusual way to target a niche market that wants to celebrate the lives of their loved ones in a unique manner. Personal Urns range in price from USD 250 up to USD 2,600 for a full-size 11″ bust, which holds all of the ashes of an adult. Are there other ways to better personalize memorials for the dead?



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