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3D toy printer | Photo source Sandy Millar on Unsplash

3D printer allows kids to create their own toys


3D printing could help kids simultaneously learn more about technology and expand their creative skills.

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Spotted: Using entertainment to help young people get to grips with technology is a key way to integrate innovative technology into future generations. Springwise has already spotted two toy innovations that incorporate technology into games, such as this smart connected cube or a coding kit for children. An American company has now taken this concept to another level with a 3D printer that allows children to create their own objects.

Toybox aims to encourage creativity in kids by allowing them to design and print their own ideas. Its simple one-touch technology design means that users can start without any prior knowledge. With a huge catalogue of various options, kids can choose from a range of products. Opportunities range from small action figures to musical instruments, from building blocks to jewellery. These ready-made designs are also optimised to reduce printing time and ensure detailed prints at a resolution of 200 microns.

The app then provides young users with the opportunity to design their own toys or objects. Users can easily store their own unique creations in the Toybox cloud to share with friends and family or print at a later date. The long-life of the printer means that one purchase can potentially produce dozens of toys. With an emphasis on ease and affordability, the only replaceable component is non-toxic and biodegradable printer ink. The ink comes in a wide range of colours to allow for greater creativity.

The printer itself retails at €359 in its starter bundle.



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