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3D printing pen runs on plastic bottles

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Renegade is a 3D printing pen that lets makers draw in midair, using plastic bottles and bags as filaments.

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We recently saw a modular, at-home recycling station that makers can build themselves, and create sustainable products to suit their unique household needs. Now, Renegade is a 3D printing pen that enables DIY-ers to draw multidimensional objects in midair, creating bespoke products using any plastic containers they have lying around the house.

The pen works by heating plastic filaments into a gel, which hardens when it hits the air. A companion, easy-to-use bottle shredder helps young makers create filaments in different colors. Users insert plastic strips into the back of the pen, and a heating element will soften it as the pen pushes it out the tip, forming a moldable gel that let creators draw anything they wish. Renegade takes strips from PET plastic bottles or plastic bags, and for those worried about the limited color palette, it will accept standard 3D printing filaments too. We have seen ingenious, recycled 3D printing filaments made out of coffee grounds and beer waste, which could help eco-conscious artists with this.

Renegade is currently crowdfunding on Kickstarter, where pledgers can pre-order a 3D pen for GBP 60, for estimated delivery in January 2017. What else can users make with recycled filaments at home?


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