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3D home scanner tracks body changes

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The world’s first 3D body scanner designed for home use is available for purchase.

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When is a mirror not a mirror? When it is also a 3D body scanner. Start-up Naked Labs has developed the world’s first full-length 3D body scanner designed for home use. The scanner includes a rotating scale and an app that allows users to track body changes over time. The scanner is a WiFi/Bluetooth-enabled smart mirror that incorporates depth sensors. Users stand on the scale and are rotated 360 degrees while they are scanned by the sensors. Users can then use the app to view a suite of metrics including body fat percent, lean mass and fat mass and graphs of historical data.

The 3D scans show incremental changes to the body, often before they are visible to others. This could help keep users motivated to sticking with a health regime. Or, it could make users even more anxious about any extra weight – no matter how infinitesimal. However, the mirror does democratise access to metrics that are normally only available in expensive gyms and medical facilities. This could empower users to take more control over their fitness. The scanner is the size of a regular full-length mirror and will cost $1,395 USD.

We have already seen fitness innovations that focus on information. These have included a wristband that can monitor blood cell count and a fitness tracker that is worn as a ring. Naked Labs hopes that being able to view themselves in greater detail will allow users to see the way that diet, exercise, and other daily decisions have on the body.



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