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4-acre urban farm is made up of multiple residents' gardens


Green City Acres makes use of existing city greenery, taking over residents' gardens to create a decentralized farm.

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While the Netherland’s Dakboerin has helped urban gardeners to build new growing spaces on city rooftops, Green City Acres in Canada is making use of existing greenery, taking over residents’ gardens to create a decentralized farm.

Operating in Kelowna, British Columbia, the farm currently consists of four acres of land separated across six different plots that are privately owned by residents as part of their property. The land is used to grow vegetables which are then available for sale to the local community. Those who give up their gardens for the project are reimbursed with a weekly box of produce, although all of the growing is done by the five members of Green City Acres staff. The team use no chemical fertilizers, sprays, or pesticides and aim to provide an alternative to the long-distance transport of groceries by encouraging residents to involve themselves in the local production of essential goods. The video below explains more about the project:

Considering the costs and environmental damage involved in current modes of supermarket grocery delivery, could this farming method be replicated in other locations to cut carbon footprints, as well as bring communities together?

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