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For $5 a month, eAngel will get a human to proofread your emails

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A new Chrome extension called eAngel is letting anyone pay USD 5 to have any email checked by human eyes before it arrives in its recipient's inbox.

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We’ve all had that moment when we click send on an email to an important contact or client, only to reread it back and realize that it’s got an embarrassing spelling mistake in the first line. As good as spellchecker tools are, they aren’t perfect and can’t pick up on every nuance of language. That’s why a new Chrome extension called eAngel is now letting anyone pay USD 5 to have any email checked by human eyes before it arrives in its recipient’s inbox.

After installing the extension — available for free from the Chrome web store — Gmail users will see an option to ‘Send with eAngel’ alongside the normal send button. When choosing this option, the email is rerouted via an eAngel team member with proofreading expertise, who will correct typos, reword any odd-sounding phrases for non-native speakers, and ensure the email has a professional tone. The message is then forwarded to its intended recipient via the sender’s email address. The service is available in English, Spanish, French, German and Hebrew, and the basic package costs USD 5 a month or around USD 0.03 a word.

Watch the video below to learn more about eAngel:

eAngel aims to provide a human alternative to spellchecking software in order to make sure the message is communicated professionally to its recipient, another human. The service could be especially helpful for those doing foreign business who haven’t quite mastered the language, or even those with dyslexia. While investment continues to be poured into projects trying to get computers to better understand and learn language, are there other services that could target customers who prefer a human touch?



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