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Incentivised sharing on three-day deals platform


No end in site to innovative spins on the deal-a-day concept — or three-days in this case! Combining the community spirit of Keepio with group discount schemes seen in services such as Friendsurance, we recently came across 72hDeals. The new platform incentivises visitors to share posted deals with their friends in return for earning discounts. Both physical and digital products — such as PDFs or Zips — can be sold through the website, and sellers are able to increase sales by, in the company’s own words, offering “customers an incentive to share an offer around them.” Visitors to the site share the deals with their friends, thus earning coupons which are redeemable for money off the product being sold. The more people they involve, the greater the saving. The seller, on the other hand, is able to decide starting prices and lowest prices, as well as how much a customer saves based on each visitor he or she brings to the deal. The service is free to use, and 72hDeals will also create coupons for web developers looking to sell subscriptions to their web apps. There is an ever-growing number of e-commerce platforms harnessing online collective purchasing power for the benefit of both consumers and businesses themselves. Time to put your own spin on the concept, or apply to a specific niche market?



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