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World’s first plastic-free grocery aisle opens in Amsterdam

A Dutch grocery chain has installed an entirely plastic-free supermarket aisle to help shoppers cut down on plastic packaging.

Robot fish can change behavior of real fish

Researchers from Swiss university have developed a miniature aquatic robot that can influence the behavior of a school of real fish.

Gamified blockchain is built on the Ethereum network

This venture studio created the collectible, breedable cats powered by blockchain that are proving so popular that network traffic has slowed.

Decoy sea turtle egg is a tracker for poachers

A new low-cost device uses geotagging technology to deter and reduce the illegal wildlife trade.

Utility company uses horse manure to power horse show

A Finnish utility company has created a circular system for generating electricity from biological waste products

New furniture range caters for cats and dogs

Global retailer has worked alongside vets to create a pet furniture collection that accounts for different behaviours types and habits of cats and dogs.

Internet of Things tackles global animal poaching

The Zoological Society of London is collaborating with a non-profit to develop a sensor and satellite network.

New high-tech wearable keeps cows cool

A Japan-based company has developed a shirt with moisture sensors that can prevent heat stress in dairy cows.

Robot fish to monitor water health in fish farms

A team of researchers from the Technical University of Madrid and the University of Florence have developed a robot fish that tests water pH levels and moves like a real fish.

Burglar alarm for mice

New internet-connect mousetraps from Rentokil humanely departs captured mice, sending an alert when the trap has triggered.

Fitbit for cows helps Pakistan farmers keep herds healthy

A wearable for cows that is designed to help farmers more easily track the health, fertility, location and general activity of their cattle.

Headphones help horses relax and focus

HorseCom bluetooth headphones sit over horses ears, enabling users to play calming music or communicate more clearly with their horses.

London art exhibition for dogs encourages owners to play

A partnership between insurance company More Th>n and artist Dominic Wilcox, the interactive exhibition included an open car window simulator.

Monkey’s Tinder profile raises biodiversity awareness

The Body Shop has launched a conservation campaign via Tinder and the hashtag #helpreggiefindlove, to raise awareness of its commitment to endangered species.