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Museum collaborates with radio stations for on-the-go highway art experience

Nine-meter high replicas are positioned alongside one of the country’s main highways, with local radio stations providing commentary to encourage people to re-engage with art.

Device creates music using plants

A new device uses electrodes to let users listen to the sounds made by plants.

Ear implant uses lasers to deliver accurate sound

A new creation by Swiss researchers adopts a unique method of hearing assistance, away from the commonly used electrodes.

App personalizes sound for each ear

A new app optimizes every phone call for the individual’s needs, including adapting to contextual sound.

App creates live gigs anywhere and any time

An augmented reality app allows users to listen to new musicians play concerts anywhere in the world.

Internet phone lets users browse the web without a screen

Users simply call a webpage’s IP address and The Internet Phone reads content listed on the site in question.

New cassette player aims to resurge tape culture

Lithuanian concept Elbow hopes to get users back in love with tapes with a novel and stylish device that plays cassettes without any housing.

Tiny podcast studio provides full recording facilities

London’s Fathom Architects created the Pod, a mobile recording studio for businesses and individuals in west London’s White City Place.