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Museum collaborates with radio stations for on-the-go highway art experience

Nine-meter high replicas are positioned alongside one of the country’s main highways, with local radio stations providing commentary to encourage people to re-engage with art.

DIY museum tours with new art-identifying app

A free app, SMARTIFY works in partnership with a number of galleries and museums to provide personalized digital tours of the artworks.

London art exhibition for dogs encourages owners to play

A partnership between insurance company More Th>n and artist Dominic Wilcox, the interactive exhibition included an open car window simulator.

Tool converts Tumblr pages into VR galleries

TumbVR is a simple web tool, which converts any Tumblr into a virtual reality gallery, complete with marble flooring and framed images.

Modern art restored with nanotechnology

Much of the art made since the 1940s contains plastics, posing a conservation challenge that a group of experts are addressing with the Nanorestart project.

Pension for artists provides long-term financial security

Artist Pension Trust enables participating artists to contribute works over 20 years and create a long-term income for their community.

Tool translates sentences into a picture

WordsEye is an online tool, which enables users to create digital images with language.

Live-streaming platform for artists and illustrators

Sywork is a platform where users can learn how to paint, draw, and use Photoshop and Illustrator through live-streamed sessions.