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Organization provides homeless people with an address

Using addresses of empty properties, a UK-based charity gives those who are experiencing homelessness the opportunity to register for services.

Museum collaborates with radio stations for on-the-go highway art experience

Nine-meter high replicas are positioned alongside one of the country’s main highways, with local radio stations providing commentary to encourage people to re-engage with art.

Game app promotes São Paulo museum

A new app helps promote the connection between train and subway services and the São Paulo art museum.

Live-streamed exhibition aims to engage wider audience

A museum has partnered with a creative agency to launch over twenty live streams of exhibitions in well-known places across New York.

Mobile hyperspectral camera offers sample analysis in seconds

The mobile device allows users to analyse samples of material anywhere and can be used in almost any industry.

Living chandelier improves air quality

A chandelier has been developed that mimics biological processes, absorbing carbon dioxide and ‘exhaling’ oxygen.

DIY museum tours with new art-identifying app

A free app, SMARTIFY works in partnership with a number of galleries and museums to provide personalized digital tours of the artworks.

Wikipedia for physical objects

Moscow-based startup is creating a digital database for objects with high quality images and descriptions.

Emojis to amuse and inspire

US based Twitter bot, New York Public Library, finds emoji alternatives.

Tool converts Tumblr pages into VR galleries

TumbVR is a simple web tool, which converts any Tumblr into a virtual reality gallery, complete with marble flooring and framed images.

Modern art restored with nanotechnology

Much of the art made since the 1940s contains plastics, posing a conservation challenge that a group of experts are addressing with the Nanorestart project.

Museum guide app is powered by humans

ASK Brooklyn Museum is a free app that enables visitors to ask questions about exhibits and receive real-time answers from art historians and educators.

Pension for artists provides long-term financial security

Artist Pension Trust enables participating artists to contribute works over 20 years and create a long-term income for their community.

Platform for Mumbai’s slum entrepreneurs

Design Museum Dharavi is a mobile platform for local makers to connect with clients, run workshops and promote social change in the Indian ‘slum’.

Device disabling pouches urges audience to enjoy the show

Yondr are smartphone-locking pouches, which enable artists — including Dave Chappelle — and venues to create phone-free environments during performances.

App creates individually curated experience for any museum

Muzeums is a mobile app that offers curated museum guides for each visitor, based on their profile, interests and learning style.