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Why frequent job hopping can harm your employment prospects

Researchers sent out fictitious resumes with varying frequency of job changes, and found that resumes with fewer changes received a 40–50 percent higher callback rate than those with more.

Women are winning the human capital race

As skills become ever more vital to earnings, women’s singular focus on education looks on track to continue to pay off.

Banking on startups

How online-as-a-service financial solutions are helping SMEs get a head start.

Are you looking at me?

Why companies like to turn products into people.

Lab Results

By combining the hard data of medicine with the soft skills of presentation and public speaking, the Booth Healthcare Analytics Laboratory is giving new solutions to students — and new life to hospitals.

Four ways companies can encourage innovation

Professor of economics Michael Gibbs studied the progression of 5,000 ideas and identified four key operational strategies that can encourage employee innovation.

Welcome to Nerdopolis

How knowledge workers are reshaping the map of the global economy.