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Where Are They Now?: Lia

We spoke to co-founders Bethany Edwards and Anna Simpson, who are focusing on providing women with an ethical and sustainable product to help women find out if they’re pregnant in a convenient and private way.

Where Are They Now?: Wisher

We spoke to Maz Cohen, founder of the gift registry smartphone app Wisher, to find out how the company is planning to expand globally using gamification and AR for better customer engagement.

Where Are They Now?: Saberr

We spoke to Alistair Shepherd, founder of London-based HR company Saberr whose AI solution is trying to improve team’s overall performance with personalized and actionable coaching.

Where Are They Now?: Smarter

We spoke to Christian Lane, whose brand Smarter has been disrupting kitchen appliances since 2013 and is now moving into a broader conversation around sustainable consumption and food waste reduction.

Where Are They Now?: BeeLine Reader

We spoke to co-founder Nick Lum, who is on a mission to create significant impact in the area of of accessibility and working with many organizations, including Springwise, to support literacy and reading efficiency.

Where Are They Now?: Pavegen

We spoke to Laurence Kemball-Cook, founder of Pavegen whose expansion plans could see more cities using the electricity generating paving slab making energy more sustainable and accessible worldwide.

Where Are They Now?: Plattar

The Australian Augmented Reality platform is currently looking for funding to expand its business operation by opening a Head Office in the UK.

Where Are They Now?: Morpher

We spoke to Jeff Woolf OBE, whose innovative helmet design has just received investment from tennis player Sir Andy Murray, as part of the latest Seedrs fundraising campaign.

Where Are They Now?: what3words

We spoke to Chris Sheldrick, cofounder and CEO of what3words, a startup which is completely rewriting the way we map the world.

Where Are They Now?: Lock & Charge

We talk to Andrej Sobotkiewicz, whose startup lets businesses host app-activated e-bike infrastructures.

Where Are They Now?: Koho

Since being a finalist of BBVA Open Talent last year, Koho has been gaining ground in the Canadian Fin Tech industry and beyond.

Where Are They Now?: WeShelter

Tapping WeShelter’s app unlocks donations for homelessness services. We catch up with the founders about their recent work with the New York Mayor’s Office, and more.

Where Are They Now?: The Shoe That Grows

We talk to Kenton Lee, founder of The Shoe That Grows.

Where Are They Now?: Repurpose school bags

We caught up with Rethaka, the South African startup making school bags that come with solar panel “homework lanterns.”

Where Are They Now?: Mylo

We talk to Daniel Eckler, founder of three successfully crowdfunded menswear products, who now wants to redefine the morning routine with a clothing app.

Where Are They Now?: Fitbay

We talk to the CEO and co-founder of Fitbay, the fashion inspiration and discovery app connecting users with similar body types.

Where Are They Now?: Charitweet

We caught up with Charitweet, the social enterprise unlocking impact from ‘slacktivists’ and beyond.

Where Are They Now?: TouchJet

We caught up with TouchJet, the company behind one of the most successful crowdfunding campaigns in history.

Where Are They Now?: bio-bean

We caught up with bio-bean, the company that industrialized the process of recycling waste coffee grounds into advanced biofuels.